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Try Scuba


Have you see divers on TV and said to yourself, “I’d love to do that but just don’t know if I can”? Nervous about paying money to get certified but not sure if it’s for you?  Not sure if you’ll like it or if it’s really worth the time to get certified? if any of these questions have run through your head, then a Try-Scuba session may be right for you.

Try-Scuba is a way for non-divers to try scuba diving within the confines of a local indoor heated pool.  The trial session is done in a one-on-one or small group environment with just yourself or others you bring with you, and gives you a chance to work with an instructor to experience what scuba diving is really like.  During the session, you will learn how scuba gear works, a few basic skills, then you are taken underwater with the instructor to see what diving is all about and just how easy it is.

Try-Scuba session cost: $55.00

If this sounds like an option you may be interested in, we encourage you to contact us to discuss it further and schedule your session.

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