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Try Scuba


Try Scuba is a way for non-divers to try scuba diving within the confines of a local indoor heated pool.  Try Scuba is an hour class where non-divers can experience scuba diving with an instructor.  Plus, if you sign up for scuba class within 30 days, we credit $50 off your class fee! 

Tandem diving is similar to the Try Scuba class, but in an open water environment, so you get to feel what diving is all about!  Held at White Rock Park on weekend morning, this is a chance to go diving one on one with an instructor. Advanced registration is required

Scuba Diver


Open Water scuba diver is the first scuba certification all divers earn.  Completing this certification allows divers to dive anywhere in the world to a depth of 60 ft without additional training and is good for life

Advanced Scuba Diver is the most common continuing education class for divers.  This is a weekend long class at a regional quarry where divers learn about various types of diving.  Completing this class certifies a diver to dive to the recreational limit of 130 ft.



The Nitrox certification allows divers to rent and dive with the mixed gas Nitrox.  Nitrox decreases the chance of decompression sickness, lessens the effects of Nitrogen Narcosis, and can extend dive times

Rescue Diver


Rescue Diver is one of the most beneficial classes to divers.  Students who complete this weekend event learn to understand and manage stress and panic in themselves and others, and be able to assist their dive buddies in the event of an emergency.  Note in order to earn certification for this class, divers must also have a valid first aid/CPR certification or take their NAUI first aid class with Aquatic Dreams.

Advanced Rescue is held the same weekend as Rescue Diver class.  In addition to learning how to help themselves and their dive buddies, Advanced Rescue students learn how to assist in a larger scale, helping others or assisting with diving emergencies.  In addition to First Aid and CPR, these students must also present valid Oxygen provider and Neurological Assessment qualifications

Master Diver


Master Diver is the highest non-professional certification NAUI offers to divers.  In addition to classwork, students must complete a series of dive projects where they demonstrate their mastery of dive skills in a variety of areas. Divers who earn this honorific have shown a level of expertise across all aspects of diving  



Divemaster is an assistant instructorship.  Divemasters assist instructors in teaching classes, leading dive tours, and running dive trips.  Divemasters may be called on to assist students while instructors teach a class, and in general learn the dive business as they gain experience and learn how to teach others.

Public Safety Diver is only open to those on or affiliated with a First Response team.  This class is a usually broken up over 1-2 weeks and includes classes on drysuit, underwater communication, risk and accident management, limited/zero visibility search and recovery, evidence recovery and medical classes

*Please note that all class fees except for Try Scuba reflect a $25 cash discount.  Class will be an additional $25.00 if paid for by credit card or electronic payment due to processing fees.

Kentucky state law has changed and beginning January 1, 2023, all classes are subject to Kentucky 6% sales tax

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