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How Much Will It Cost?

Inevitably, when a person is first interested in learning how to scuba dive, they begin calling various shops in the area and are often told about the great deals they offer and how they can start classes for a price that seems to blow everyone else out of the water.

The very next question from a prospective student should be, “So, what is total cost of learning to dive with you, including certification?” Some shops separate the cost of classes from the cost of books and materials and the cost of open water certifications. They give students one price over the phone, but once they come in the door to sign up they find there’s extra fees for books and the required certification dives. Other shops may require students purchase complete gear packages before they begin class.  I invite students to call other shops and compare. I am confident we will meet or beat other shops’ prices, which can exceed $700.00, and do so while offering private or small group classes.

Open Water Certification – $475 plus tax

Our price includes books, registration, access to the NAUI eLearning online course, 3 pool sessions, equipment rental while in training, open water certification checkouts, and certification card.

No hidden fees, no games, just upfront service. Our goal is to create divers who are confident, passionate about the sport, and finish classes wanting to learn more, do more, and dive more.

Our only requirement before you begin class that you own a set of personal dive gear. What is personal gear, you may ask? Personal gear includes mask, fins, snorkel, boots, and a pair of mouthpieces for your regulator. These are the pieces of equipment that every diver is expected to have before they start a class, and really are personalized and fit to the individual, so it only makes sense to have your own set.

In addition to classes we also offer equipment and gear for sale and offer a personal gear package for sale to students for $195.00 plus tax

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