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Let's Go Diving!

Aquatic Dreams offers diving for all levels of training and all budgets.  Whether you are looking for a quick day trip getaway, or a week on a sailboat, have something for everyone!

Local Diving

Aquatic Dreams has a very active group of divers.  We offer local weekend diving almost every weekend starting with Memorial Day through Labor Day.  If you are just wanting to get away for a morning, let us know.  We may be diving locally at Natural Springs in New Richmond, but chances are we will be at White Rock Park in St. Paul Indiana.  Contact us for details for where we are.

Dive Weekends

In addition to our local diving, we also try to offer a dive weekend a month to a regional dive site.  They are usually located within a 3-4 hour drive of Cincinnati, though we have a few that are a little farther away.  All prices include hotel accommodations, entry into dive parks, and equipment rental as long as we have your size.  Want to dive through a passenger jet?  We can make that happen.  How about swimming with prehistoric paddlefish?  We do that.  We plan weekend diving to sites in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Illinois so visit our Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter, or check out our calendar here on our site to see where we are going and sign up for a weekend getaway.

National/International Travel

Aquatic Dreams plans 1-2 larger weeklong trips per year.  These may be a trip to the Florida Keys or a trip to snorkel with manatees and dive the crystal clear Springs of Florida, or they may be international trips, like a liveaboard in the Bahama's Exuma Islands, or the Virgin Islands, or Bonaire.  Larger trips are scheduled several months to a year in advance and we offer generous payment plans to make it as affordable as we can for divers to come with us.  Have a suggestion on where you want to go?  Let us know, we're always open to suggestions!

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