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Our Guarantee


I’ve heard too many horror stories of divers beginning classes but for one reason or another never getting certified.  This may be for a variety of reasons: schedule conflicts, medical issues, philosophical differences, or changes in personal situations.  Our first commitment to students is that I will work with them as long as they wish to continue in order to help them perfect their skills and become certified.  Our course structure is built around an online eLearning class and three pool sessions. We will meet with students outside of their online program to review course materials as needed, and if students require additional pool time,  we will provide this at only the cost of the pool rental until a student is prepared and ready for open water certifications.

If a student has completed class and pool sessions with us but is not able to meet for the certification weekend, they have a few options.  Our classes are usually in a small group or private setting.  If a student cannot attend their initial certification weekend, they may talk with us about moving their weekend to a better one and getting certified as part of another group.  If we cannot find a weekend that is suitable, and weekdays are better, when scheduled far enough in advance I may be able to to meet during the week for checkout dives.  Divers may also do their certification dives on most trips we offer.  Finally, if a student chooses not to do certifications with us, let us know ahead of time and we will provide Universal Referral paperwork that you can take to your destination, complete your certifications, and return it to us to issue your Certification card.

Finally, there may be some instances where a student either chooses or is unable to continue class with us.  We understand situations arise and we want to be as fair as possible with our students and divers.  If you are unable to continue class with us, we will refund your money, minus the cost of materials and any pool rental time you have already used. There is no stipulations, red tape, or fine print.  We think this is the only fair way of treating friends, and it’s the way we would like to be treated, so we offer it to you here, in writing.

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