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Aquatic Dreams Staff


John Hoh - Owner, Instructor Trainer


John Hoh was certified as an open water diver in 2001. He received his Advanced Open Water rating in 2003, followed by his SSI Master rating in 2005 and NAUI Master rating in 2006. He was certified as a NAUI instructor in 2008.


John has dove across the Midwest and Southeastern United States and the Caribbean. He enjoys learning and sharing the history of diving and particularly loves diving the springs and caverns of Florida.  Above all, John believes in sharing his love and passion of diving with others around him in order for them to experience the underwater world for themselves.


John holds Master Scuba ratings through both SSI and NAUI, SSI DiveCon leadership certification, PADI and SSI Advanced diver certifications, SDI/TDI Solo Diver, NAUI Instructor Trainer, NAUI First Aid Instructor Trainer, and NAUI Public Safety Diver Instructor.  John has logged more than 4,000 dives to date and is always looking forward to the next dive.


When not in the water, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife, Elizabeth, and four children, traveling to new places, and spending relaxing evenings with friends playing cards and sharing good company.


Brian Morris - Instructor


Brian Morris is a NAUI Instructor and is currently working on his First Aid Instructor qualification.

Brian was certified in 2016.  He completed his Advanced Open Water certification in 2018, followed by his Master Diver and Training Assistant certifications in 2019.  Brian quickly entered the leadership program and became a NAUI Divemaster in fall of 2019.  Brian then earned his NAUI instructor rating in 2021.

Brian is also PSI-PCI visual tank inspection certified and has earned his HOG maintenance technician certification in 2022.

When not diving, Brian loves spending time with his wife Lisa and traveling together.  They love the Florida Keys and dive there every chance they can.

Lisa and Brian.jpg

Lisa Morris - Divemaster


Lisa is a certified NAUI Divemaster as of 2021. She first got certified with her open water diver in 2016 . Lisa received her Advanced Open Water Certification in 2018.  She then went on to receive her Master Scuba Diver and Training Assistant in 2022. 

Lisa has dove in many states in the US, the Bahama, and Caribbean.  She has a passion for helping divers who struggle and showing them that they can over come their fears. Lisa works well with student in the water and out. She enjoys sharing her passion for the water and sea life and has over 300 dives. 

Outside the water, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband, boys, and friend. She is a role model for living an active life style with abundance. She enjoys running and light weights, help other people reach their dreams, and traveling. 


Austin Schultz - Divemaster


Austin was certified in 2018 as part of our Thomas More University partnership.  He earned his Master Diver and Training Assistant ratings in 2020 and his Divemaster rating in 2021.

Austin is also certified as a PSI-PCI visual tank inspector, PSI-PCI tank valve repair technician, and earned his HOG service technician rating in 2022.

Austin enjoys getting out every chance he can to dive, travel to new places, and share his knowledge with other divers.


Tim Brueggemann - Divemaster


Tim Brueggemann was certified open water in 2015 and became a Divemaster in 2021. Along with helping students, Tim has a passion for deep wrecks and the history they come with. Some of his favorite places to dive are The Great Lakes, The Bahamas and the Outer Banks in North Carolina. His dream dive is to dive the Andria Doria off the northeast coast of the US.

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