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What do people have to say about Aquatic Dreams?


It is said that more men have been to the surface of the moon than the bottom of the ocean. Divers are privileged to see and experience the beauty of the ocean that which most of the world’s population may not know exists. So we invite you to join us. Enter a new world.

Aquatic Dreams believes solid training and experience make good divers. We also believe divers are a fraternity. Your training doesn’t end with certification. We are active divers, always out on weekends diving either locally or regionally, and we invite our divers to join us, to continue to hone their skills, as well as to enjoy the company of other divers outside the classroom.


"Great instructor. Lots of fun! From entry level all the way up this is the place to go for diving instruction and     great trips."

 - James B.  


  "John is the absolute best scuba instructor there is! Reasonably priced, very flexible for scheduling, and   extremely knowledgeable. I became certified April 2017 and plan to continue my scuba education with John. I   didn't just leave with the experience to dive, I left with a lifelong friend!"

 - Christina M.  


 "After getting certified in 2010, I only dove on vacations, due to   lack of gear and locations to dive. Aquatic   Dreams fixed both of those. The owner is one of the nicest people you will meet. He does it all, from getting you   certified, advancing your certification, organizing trips, to lending gear to new divers. He has a passion for   diving and loves to share his passion with others. I have been on two great trips with Aquatic Dreams and look   forward to many more."

 - Kevin G. 


 "If you are looking to get into diving for the first time or are an experienced diver simply looking for advanced   instruction then you have come to the right place. John runs a top notch operation and goes out of his way to   accommodate his clients.  From the moment you meet John you realize his enthusiasm for the sport of diving     and his eagerness to teach his craft all while maintaining a professional attitude. John takes his time with each   student and ensures they have a solid grasp of the information he is relaying. His depth of knowledge as well as   his excellent teaching skills ensure you will have a quality diving and learning experience.

 Diving is a family affair with John having taught my father, brother, and I all the sport of diving. As a group we   have been on many of Aquatic Dreams diving trips both locally and out of state. Aquatic Dreams trips have a   very family friendly atmosphere about them and you will feel welcomed from the start. John has done   his   research setting up the trips and you will be very pleased with what you get for your money."

 - Timothy D.  


 "Any questions about scuba diving John is definitely the go to guy!"

 - John H.  


 "An extremely fun experience and a fantastic instructor. They really care about each individual."

 - Candice C.  

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