White Rock is ready for Try Scuba days!

White Rock pavilion Banner at White Rock

We spent the day yesterday at White Rock park yesterday.  New lines have been run from the sunken van to the school bus, and from the school bus to the wall to make a nice route for divers to take a short tour.  The old rope was removed, our banner has been hung on the pavilion and I have two signs out advertising Try Scuba at White Rock.  While we were there, Bob Brewer completed his first day of open water certification.  I want to send a heartfelt thank you to Bob for helping me with some of the land and surface items and for acting as my spotter while I was running lines.

We will be at White Rock next Saturday from extremely early until closing time to get a few things done ahead of the park opening, and offering certification dives and Try Scuba/Tandem Dives for park attendees.  Remember, entry fee into the park is $12.00 for the day and Try Scubas will be $30.00 per person.  This is a great way for a non-diver to experience scuba diving one on one with a certified instructor.  Reservations are advised due to the private nature of the excursions and limited number of time slots.

Call us at 859-594-4611 or email us at info@aquaticdreamsdiving.com to reserve your spot or just come join us for the day!


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