Aquatic Dreams Diving Summer Trips Being Planned Now

We are currently putting our summer trip list together for 2016.  We are finalizing dates and prices now and will be publishing them soon, and will let everyone know as soon as we have them together.

As a head’s up, mark your calendars.  The first weekend trip is expected to be July 9-10 and we will be going to Pennyroyal Blue Springs Dive park in Hopkinsville, KY.  This is a great training park with extremely clear water that is suited for both open water and advanced open water students as well as plenty of fun diving.  We will be offering checkout dives for both courses on this weekend and are offering two special discounts:

1) If you sign up for both the Advanced Scuba Diver course and this Pennyroyal trip, we will discount your Advanced Diver course from $199.00 to $150.00.

2) If you sign up for this weekend trip, your gear rental will be free for the weekend (provided we have what you want in stock at the time of the trip).  This means BC, regulator set, wetsuit, hood and gloves (if needed), dive light (if requested) or anything else.  If you need something and we have it available, you can use it for the weekend.  Just put in a request for what you need ahead of time so we can pull and mark it for you!

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