Aquatic Dreams Diving Checkout Weekend – June 27-28th, 2015

Our first checkout dive weekend of the 2015 season was held June 27-28th at White Rock park in Indiana.  The weather decided to throw us a few curveballs on Saturday and we dodged a few rain showers and some less than ideal visibility, but the students worked through it and we had great weather on Sunday.  We wish to congratulate Christopher and Courtney Hellmann, Jesse Kent, Tim Brueggemann, and Dave Brewer on completing their open water diver certifications and earning their certification cards.  We’re proud to call you friends and we look forward to diving with you in the future!


New student certifications and John New student certifications.1 New student certifications.2 new student certifications.3 new student certifications.4 new student certifications.5 new student certifications.6 new student certifications.7 new student certifications.8 Welcome new divers

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